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All the things you are Chords

Ella Fitzgerald

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by europeu

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All the things you are

Year: 1993 - Album: Gold

  		Em7  Am7     D7                  Gmaj7 
You are the promised kiss of springtime  
     Cmaj7            F#7          B7 
That makes the lonely winter seem long. 
Bm7 Em7       A7                 Dmaj7 
You are the breathless hush of evening 
     Gmaj7           C#m7/5-      C#7     F# 
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song. 
            G#m7        C#7                 F# 
You are the angel glow      that lights a star. 
            Cm7/5-         Fm7       Bb      Eb   Gdim 
The dearest things I know      are what you are. 
Em7 Am7     D7             Gmaj7 
One day my happy arms will hold you 
    Cmaj7 Cm7        G      Bm7/5-      E7 
And some- day I'll know that moment divine 
      Am7               D7 Cdim  G 
When all the things you are are mine. 


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