Ella Fitzgerald


Ella Fitzgerald

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Year: 1960 - Album: Gold

Written by Dubose Edwin Heyward,ira Gershwin

	  		Intro:  |  G  -  Am  |  C  -  B7  |  Em  -  Am  |  Em  -  B7  |   
(B7 )  Em   B7 Em           A9        Em   Am    Em   Fm   F#m  Gm   
Summertime,         and the livin' is ea - sy;   
         Am        Am7+  Am7         C          B7   C   B7          
Fish are jumpin',            and the cotton is high.   
(B7)  Em     B7   Em              A9         Em Am7   Em  Fm   F#m   
Oh Your daddy's rich       and your ma is good-lookin',   
Am  G           Am    Cm7  Cm7/6   B7     Em    Am   Em   (C)     B7   
So hush, little baby, don't           you cry.   
B7           Em       B7 Em               A9      Em  Am  Em  Fm  F#m  Gm   
One of these mornin's,       you're gonna rise up singin';   
              Am          Am7+   Am7       
then you'll spread your wings    
    C           B7  C  B7   
And you'll take the sky.   
B7             Em    B7  Em        A9         Em  Am   Em  Fm  F#m   
But 'til that mornin',     just-a-nothin' can harm you   
Am    G   G/F#    Em     Cm7  Cm7/6 B7    Em   B+  Em7  Em6  Am7  B7  Em   
With mama and papa stand -    in' by.   


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