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Green Dolphin Street Chords

Ella Fitzgerald

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Green Dolphin Street

Introdução: D Gm7 C7 F  A7 

D                D7/9 
Lover, one lovely day,  
 G         Gm7     Gm7sus4 Gm7  D     Cdim 
Love came        planning   to stay. 
 A    Em7   Cdim   A7    A     Em7  Cdim D6 
Green Dolphin Street supplied the setting, 
      C7         Gm7      C7      F        A7 
The setting for nights beyond forgetting. 
A7/13-   D                      D7/9 
And through these moments a - part, 
G        Gm7       Gm7sus4  Gm7   D    Cdim 
Mem'ries       live   in     my heart. 
A   Em7 Cdim   A7   A  Em7 Cdim  E7   Bm 
When I   recall     the love  I  found on, 
E   G/B   E7  Fdim     D6 
I could kiss the ground on  
Em7  A7 A7/13-   D6 
Green Dolphin Street. 

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