Elevation Worship

Graves Into Gardens (feat. Brandon Lake)

Elevation Worship

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Graves Into Gardens (feat. Brandon Lake)

Written by ,

Capo on 4th fret

Verse 1:

C G I searched the world C G But it couldn't fill me Em Man's empty praise D And treasures that fade C Are never enough C G Then You came along C G And put me back together Em D And every desire is now satisfied C Here in Your love
G Oh there's nothing better than You Em There's nothing better than You C Lord there's nothing, nothing is better G Than You

Verse 2:

C G I'm not afraid C G To show You my weakness Em My failures and flaws D Lord You've seen them all C And You still call me friend C G 'Cause the God of the mountain C G Is the God of the valley Em There's not a place D Your mercy and grace C Won't find me again
( C G C G C G )


G C You turn mourning to dancing G C You give beauty for ashes G C You turn shame into glory Em C G You're the only one who can G C You turn graves into gardens G C You turn bones into armies G C You turn seas into highways Em C G You're the only one who can Em C G You're the only one who can

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