Duke Daniels

Following A Star

Duke Daniels

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Following A Star

Intro: G Em Bm D (2x) 

Primeira Parte: 
       G              Em 
As I walk up those steps 
And garner your award 
     D                 G 
Try not to forget about me 
    Em                                          Bm     D 
'Cause I was there when you had no one else to hold 
G                               Em 
You used to look just like a saint 
Stumblin' toward 
           D                      G 
Yours and God's very own quarantine 
        Em                              Bm   D 
You used to never think you'd ever grow old 

 C                                  G 
How the hell you ever made it this far 
Bm                          C 
Is a testament of who you are 
Who you'll be... Pausa 
                       Intro 2x 

...Followin' a star 

Repete a primeira parte: 

I remember once when you had gotten down 
Lower than the floor 
But you found how not to run away 
It was a lesson that I thought you'd never learn 
Now all the folks you knew would come around 
Have opened up the door 
And now they know you're here to stay 
That light shines bright it feels like it might burn 

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chords Duke Daniels - Following A Star
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