Black Winter Night


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Black Winter Night

	  		Riff 1: 
Day after day as I bodies slay,And the sun becomes dark in the sky 
Everything's lost for this human race,And the dawn of a new age will rise 
Riff 2: 
             Ab Am  E                     Bm 
No more hope        As we raise our hands to the sky 
Riff 3: 
       C#m            Am         E            Bm 
On the endless sea of madness we sail forever more 
        C#m              Am      E                   Bm 
And the endless tears of sadness towards the distant shores 
Riff 4: 
         Ab           Am       Bm 
With the power of the almighty sword 
That is the basic Verse structure 
If you want to play lead 
Verses:  E major pentatonic scale 
Chosus:  Ebm pentatonic scale due to key change 


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