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White Sun Chords

Doobie Brothers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by andrsouza

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White Sun

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: D  E7  G  D   x 2 

verse 1: 

D           E7 
Horizon of blue 
G            D 
Hills are rollin' 
D            E7 
Walkin' with you  
            G            D 
Through a field of red stones 
D            E7 
Iā??ve been confused  
       G       D 
From voices callin' 
D          E7 
Callin' to me 
            G             D 
Where the white sun has shown 

Em G And I slip away D E7 G D Down by the water Em G And I slip away C Down by the sea D G Take love and give love D It's got to be free
Interlude: D E7 G D x 2 verse 2: D E7 The old man is weak G D But strength comes from him D E7 A smile full of youth G D And a gleam in his eye D E7 His garden is green G D And seems overflowin' D E7 And his dreams await G D In his rockin' chair sky Repeat Chorus Instrumental Ending: D E7 G D x 2

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