Doobie Brothers

Wheels Of Fortune Chords

Doobie Brothers

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Wheels Of Fortune

	     Bm F#m7   Em              F#m7        Bm 
		Caught up in wheels of fortune you better see 
		F#m7    Em             F#m7              Bm 
		Come on give it up you got what's coming to you 
	     F#m7  Em             F#m7                Bm 
		No use for you to struggle now you're in too deep 
		F#m7       Em        F#m7               Bm 
		Gonna be a long long time before you're through 
		Em      F#m7      Bm 
	CHORUS:	Changin wheels of fortune 
	   |	Em         F#m7   Bm  F#m7  
	   |	Driving us on and on 
	   |	Em      F#m7      Bm 
	   |	Winning sometimes loosing 
	   |	Em              F#m7      Bm    F#m7 
	   |	As soon as it's here it's gone 
		G               F#m7 
		I'm so tired of loosing 
		Em                   F#m7 F# 
		But I still play the game 
		G                     F#m7 
		And I know there's no reason 
		        Em    F#m7      F# 
		Still I go on searching just the same 
		       Em                 F#m7            Bm 
		Well I kicked around your city, seen your vanity 
		F#m7  Em    F#m7    Bm 
		Mr. society can you here me 
		F#m7 Em             F#m7            Bm 
		You  take your satisfaction and you cover all the action 
		F#m7    Em                 F#m7            Bm 
		But you know that it won't help you in the end 

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