Dominick Butler

Open Arms

Dominick Butler

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Open Arms


E E A2 A2  
E E A2 A2  


My heart is ever awakened, to seek Your face 
               A2                     Bsus4 
With all that I am nothing compares to Your open arms 
I know Love is patient, but I just can?t wait 
             A2                             Bsus4 
To see Your face because nothing compares to Your open arms 


     A2          E/G#            C#m7         G#m 
Your Truth Burns Deep Inside Of Me 
  A2        Bsus4         C#m7       A2     Bsus4 
I Know Your Love Empowers Me 

E Majesty Your Love has been revealed G#m Through Faith I see A2 Your arms are ever-open wide to rescue me A2 Bsus4 Nothing Compares To Your Open Arms
Verse E I will ever renew my mind to prove, A2 Bsus4 Your good and perfect will nothing compares to Your open arms E I will tell the world of all You are, A2 Bsus4 And all You?ve done for me nothing compares to Your open arms Instrumental A2 Bsus4 C#m7 B/D# A2 Bsus4 Bridge C#m7 A2 Your arms open wide E/G# B/D# Bsus4 Say I am rich, I am strong, and You are mine

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