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Loving Arms Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tercmoraes

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Loving Arms

    If you could see me now, 
D                       E                     A 
    the one who said that she'd rather roam, 
D                       E                         A 
    the one who said she'd rather be alone, 
D                     E                   A 
    if you could only see me now. 

    If I could hold you now, 
D                   E                                    A 
    just for a moment if I could really make you mine, 
D                    E                           A 
    just for a while turn back the hands of time, 
D                 E                    A 
    if I could only hold you now. 
                     D                      E     A                      D 
    I've been too long in the wind, too long in the rain, 
Bm                E                    A 
    takin' any comfort that I can. 
       D                       E                      A                      D 
    Lookin' back and longin' for the freedom of my chains, 
           Bm               E                   A 
    and lyin' in your loving arms again. 

    If you could hear me now, 
D              E                                    A 
    singin' somewhere through the lonely night, 
D                  E                         A 
    dreaming of the arms that held me tight, 
D                     E                    A 
    if you could only hear ne now. 

         D                        E                    A     D A 
I can almost feel your loving arms again. 

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