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Andy, Don't Cry

Dish Carpens

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Andy, Don't Cry

Written by Klaus Sgroi / Rufino Antunes de Alencar Júnior

	  		Andy? why are you crying, boy? 

Oh, Andy 
Tell me 
How do you feel? 
Tell me 
        Am      G       D 
If this pain is old or new 

( A  D  A  D  A ) 

D       A 
Always alone 
D          A 
Here on my own 
D          A 
Living in darkness 
    G          A 
I'm missing my life 
            G         A 
Where's the colour of life? 
            G         A 
I want the meaning of life 

( G  A  G  A ) 

D    A 
D           A 
Life is not easy 
    D              A 
But someday you'll notice 
     G          A 
That everything change 
     G               A 
Just wait and you'll see 
  G           A 
A new life to come 

  G           C        F 
Remember when you were young? 
G      C       F 
Having so much fun 

    D           G              D 
Why can't this time come back again? 
    D          G 
Why don't you try? 
          D   G  F  D 
Don't refrain 

D  G  F  D 

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