Dirty Projectors

Dance For You

Dirty Projectors

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Dance For You

Capo on 2nd fret


A      D         Bm  Bm2 
I ran across cyanide plains 
D    Bm2    Esus4  E 
Mind like a prison cell 
    D/A                 E/B  
But feet untethered and sane 

A          D        Bm       B7 
I wondered out, homeless and sad 
D  Bm2        Esus4   E    
No thought of where I go 
   D/A            B/E  
Or how I ever get back 

E/B Bm There is an answer E/B Bm I haven't found it E/B D/A A But I will keep dancing till I do D A ohh, ohh, ohh
I boogied down gargoyle streets Searching in every face, For something I could believe I never knew what Congress is I wanna feel the breath of a force I cannot explain

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