Dire Straits

What's The Matter Baby? Chords

Dire Straits

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gabriel101

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What's The Matter Baby?

Year: 1995 - Album: Live at the BBC

Intro: A7 | A#7 | A7 | Gm 
A A# Gm A | A | A A# Gm A | A 
Verse 1: 
A#                       C        Dm 
There's a shadow hanging over the valley 
A#       C 
Total eclipse of the moon 
Closing up the gates of the city 
                 Gm    A7 
The wind plays a wild tune  
Verse 2: 
A#                C             Dm 
Don't you put the lock upon the window 
A#                C 
Don't you put the bar on the door 
Don't you cry for the rain in the sky 
                Gm      A7 
You've seen the storm before  
(Repeat Intro.) 
A#               C               Dm 
Well, what's the matter with you baby 
A#               C 
Baby, what's the matter now 
Tell me what's the matter your running in the shadows 
                        Gm       A7 
Every time you hear the wild man howl  
(Repeat Chorus, intro, then Chorus twice while solo is being played, 
then intro again.) 
Verse 3: 
A#              C         Dm 
Lightning gonna strike at midnight 
A#            C 
Thunder gonna shake the ground 
Don't you flinch don't give an inch 
             Gm         A7 
Just let the flood come down  
(Repeat Chorus twice, then intro.) 
A# | C | Dm 


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