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Private investigation Chords

Dire Straits

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by sefirot

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Private investigation

Year: 1988 - Album: Money for Nothing

  		Private investigations  
Bm/D    /   - 
A/C#    /   G/B 
F/A     /   B7/A 
Em/G    /   Gdim 
Am6/F#  /   B7 
Em7                     Bm/D 
   It's a mystery to me - the game commences 
   For the usual fee - plus expenses 
G/B                         F/A 
   Confidential information - it's in a diary 
B7/A                        Em/G 
   This is my investigation - it's not a public inquiry 
Gdim    /  Am6/F# 
Em7                              Bm/D 
   I go checking out the reports - digging up the dirt 
   You get to meet in all sorts - in this line of work 
G/B                      F/A 
   Treachery and treason - there's always an excuse for it 
B7/A                          Em/G 
   And when I find the reason - I still can't get used to it 
Gdim    /  Am6/F# 
B7      /  Em     D/F# 
G                        D 
   And what have you got at the end of the day? 
Am                   Em         D 
   What have you got - to take away? 
G                   C   D  
   A bottle of whisky - and a new set of lies 
C                              B 
   Blinds on the windows and a pain behind the eyes 
Em7     /  Bm/D 
Bm/D    /  A/C# 
G/B     /  F/A 
B7/A    /  Em/G 
Edim    /  Am6 
B7      /  Em 
Gdim                   Am6/F# 
      Scarred for life - no compensation 
B7              B7/E 
      Private investigations 
Em7        /      Em6 
Em7        /  - 
Emsus4 Em7 /      Em6 
Emsus4     /  Em B/F# Em 
Em7        / 
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