Dire Straits

Iron Hand Chords

Dire Straits

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by gabriel101

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Iron Hand

Year: 1991 - Album: On Every Street

                  A          Bm 
With all the clarity of a dream 
                A                 Bm 
The sky so blue,  the grass so green 
                          A    Bm 
The rank and file and the navy blue 
Em                     A                  F#m  Bm 
   The deep and strong,  the straight and true 
                    A               Bm 
The blue line, they got the given sign 
                          A            Bm 
The belts and boots march forward in time 
                     A              Bm 
The wood and leather,  the club and shield 
Em                    A                  F#m  Bm 
   Swept like a wave across the battlefield 
                      A          Bm 
Now with all the clarity of a dream 
                 A                 Bm 
The blood so red,  the grass so green 
                         A          Bm 
The gleam of spur on the   chestnut flank 
Em                 A              F#m   Bm 
   The cavalry did burst upon the ranks 
                      A             Bm 
Oh, the iron will and the iron hand 
                   A              Bm 
In England's green and pleasant land 
                 A          Bm 
No music for the   shameful scene 
Em                             A                F#m   Bm 
   That night they said it had even shocked the Queen 
                          A       Bm 
Well, alas, we've seen it all before 
                  A           Bm 
Knights in armour,  days of yore 
                           A          Bm 
The same old fears and the   same old crimes 
Em                    A               F#m   Bm 
   We haven't changed   since ancient times 


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