Fat Loose Fancies Me


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Fat Loose Fancies Me


Ab                          Db 
The college party ends finally 

Ab                        Bbm    Db 
To working placements and holidays 

Ab                       Db 
A stolen kiss in the lavatory 

Ab                          Bbm             Db 
She shuts her eyes and says 'Miss me, miss me' 

Ab                  Cm 
She's fat loose and fancies me 

Cm        Gb                       Db 
But she's hanging off a barman of forty three 

    Ab                      Cm 
And he dribbles in her ear, she giggles and grins 

    Gb                                       Db 
She knows she loves her father but she can't imagine doing it with him 

Ab     Bbm         Db      Bbm 
Now or never, it's so damn clever 

Ab             Bbm 
To their love anthem 

Db                               Cm             Ab             Bbm    Db   Bbm 
She shuts her pretty eyes, she's holding Leslie Grantham. 

Ab                          Db 
In six weeks time she says 'Nataurally, 

Ab                       Bbm        Db 
You're not the man that you used to be.' 

Ab                         Db        Ab                       Bbm    Db 
And he says 'Darling how could I be, when you were born I was twenty three 

Ab             Cm            Gb           Db 
And married in love, like a stallion in stud 

Db                              Cm 
And now I weave this network of fibs 

    Gb                                   Db 
And I write a mid-life pantomime, you're younger than my kids.' 

         Ab     Bbm 
And it's now or never 

       Db             Bbm 
As he waves his white feather 

Ab                  Bbm 
'Cos he's fallen in love 

With the man he was back then 

Would it ever be enough 

Shit she's already on the bus 

         Ab     Bbm 
And it's now or never 

Db                          Bbm 
She has a picture of them together 

                     Ab       Bbm 
She says stuff like 'Life's a game.' 

She has a locker room story 

             Cm                     Ab      Bbm 
But the boys are getting older every day 

       Db           Bbm          Ab    Bbm   Db   Cm  Bbm   Ab 
The boys are getting older every day'. 

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