Now is the Time


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Now is the Time

	  		C		  G   Em7	Bm7 
The winds are blowing through again, 
   D		   C	 
So we must follow. 
C	    G   Em7	Bm7 
A people daring to believe 
We can change tomorrow, 
Am7	      G		D 
And be the miracle of light, 
	G		    C 
And we won't give up the fight. 

D	   C	    G	    D 
Now is the time for us to shine, 
		C	G	D 
Shine with the face of Christ divine. 
C	  G        Am           G 
No compromise, for all heaven cries, 
Now is the time. 

C G Em7 Bm7 Dx2 
The river's running through again rejuvenating, 
For everything you touch you change, 
And we've all been changing. 
Am7		G	  D 
We're a city shining on a hill, 
	  G			   C 
Tell this world you're shining still, 
	  G		    C 
Tell this world you always will. 

C D/C  C D/C  C  D/C   Em	 
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, King of lights. 
Jesus, Jesus, raise a church that's shining bright 

I want to follow but what does it mean, 
To live in this world and keep everything clean. 
Nothing I own here is ever my own, 
When I live in the mercy and blessing you've shown. 
I lay down my rights; see the world through your eyes, 
And fight for the hungry who pay for our lives, 
I want to have you in all of my world. 
Em						     C		    D 
So Jesus consume me, flow through me, cos now is the time for us to shine 
Solo Chords: C Am7 Em Em C (something like that) 

Written by Delirious?/Matt Redman ©2005 Curious? Music UK 


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