Dear Sherlock


Dear Sherlock

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Intro Dm  E  Bb  A 

Dm                           E 
First there was love at the first sight 
         Bb                      A 
And the truth wasn't told to be found 
     Dm                         E 
The streets had no name but it felt 
like a home 
Was it love? Is it love? 

       Gm            A 
But I still want to find (a world ruled by fairies) 
       Gm            A 
But I still want to find (a world ruled by fairies) 

Bb                      A 
Love has pulled out my strings but it left me with gravity 
Gravity, gravity, gravity gravity, gravity, gravity, gravity 
Bb    A      Bb     A 
Oohh yeaahh Yeaahh Yeaahh 
Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain Paaiinn 

( Bb  A  Bb  A  Dm ) 

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