Dead Man Winter


Dead Man Winter

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Capo on 2nd fret

Intro D, G  D             G, D  

D            G            D  
Out here, so far from my home   
                   G     D  
And I miss you, so all alone  
     G                        D            G  
I scream to the sky that I'd take it all back  
In the moonlight  

D               G             D  
Crawlin' on my hands and my knees  
                     G        D  
And fallin' just as fast as I please  
       G                   D              G  
Your words were never as light as they seemed  
But you're golden  

Music Break:  
A, G, D, (2x)  

D                     G          D  
Remember when the land offered love  
                      G         D  
And surrender to the fire from above  
    G                                D              G  
Is this some kind of joke, babe I've had about enough  
Please forgive me  

A, G, D, (2x)
D G D   


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