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David Nail

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by fernsantana

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Intro: G  C  (2x)

G                             C 
The sun is shining but it's still cold 
G                        C 
This January is bitter as I've ever known 
G                                    C 
You're always smiling, there's no reason to be 
G                                              C 
You're always chipper at least that's how it seems 

Am C G Well, Catherine I can't give you anything Am C G Much more than this couple hundred dollar ring Am C G And promises ain't never been my strength Am C G But you are all I'll ever need Am C G C G C You are all I'll ever need
G C Your hair's a mess, clothes don't match G C You laugh and say, "Baby, ain't I quite the catch?" G C But all those material things, they don't matter anymore G C You're mine forever whether we're rich or we're poor Choru G C All I'll ever need, yeah G C All I'll ever need, yeah G C Yeah, you're all I'll ever need G C Yeah, you're all I'll ever need, yeah

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