David Cavan Fraser


David Cavan Fraser

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	  		Verses (Am - C - G - D) 

January 20th, 1975 
At least that‚??s how the legends told‚?¶ 
And now we celebrate with the legend and the man 
cuz that man is getting old‚?¶ 

They call him the sasquatch of Blind River 
A broham and family man who always delivers 
He makes little Carrie‚??s heart quiver 
the man with the indestructible liver 

       G   D   Em                      D 
  Mark is  A   husband and a father 
Mark‚??s got a wife, a son a daughter 
Mark wants to make the world stronger: 
C                            D           G 
    One shake at a time one shake at a time. 

Mark was her boss at wysik. 
but he soon knew his match was made 
they moved into a farmhouse filled with killer wasps 
he calmly put on his hockey helmet and sprayed and Carrie prayed 

He knew he‚??d do anything to please her 
This guy‚??s a classic overachiever 
So he put a ring inside the freezer 
now he‚??s a 40 year old geezer 

Bridge ( D C G ) 
Now he‚??s made a name for in sports nutrition 
his family‚??s heart is still his highest mission 
They might have a number of strange traditions 
but without him it would all be missing 

Mark is A husband and a father 
Mark loves his wife and son and daughter 

mark wants to make the world stronger, he makes us all stronger, 

Marks is  a broham and the greatest 
Mark Needs a little bit more vegas 

mark wants to make the world stronger,  
he makes us all stronger, 
his friends, his wife, his son and his dautgher 
one shake at a time  
one shake at a time‚?¶ 

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