David Bazan

Dont Change

David Bazan

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Dont Change

	  		By: Moczygembala 
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(Intro Guitar Riff) e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---10-9---7-9---7-9---7-9---10-9-------------------------------------------| G|--9----9-9---9-9---9-9---9-9----9---------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Verse) E B A B He seems nice E B A B You met him once or twice E B A B But you wonder what he's like E B A B When he's sober E B A B Then again E B A B You hear he has no friends E B A B Just people that he spins E To do him favors (Chorus) F#m B When he wakes up in the morning F#m B He tells himself, "Today I'll make a change" F#m B But falling into his bed at night F#m A He thinks, "Man, it was a beautiful day" B E (Intro Riff Again) To stay the same (Verse) (Only Drums and Vocals) I'm so deep That only in my sleep Do the secrets that I keep Float to the surface E B A B So I hold them down E B A B Til they don't make a sound E B A B Like they accidentally drown E Except on purpose (Chorus) F#m B Then when I wake up in the morning F#m B I tell myself today I'll make a change F#m B But falling into my bed at night F# A I think, man, it was a beautiful day B E To stay the same Repeat Intro Riff over E B A B To fade

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