Darren Criss

Proud Of Your Boy

Darren Criss

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Proud Of Your Boy

	  		Intro: Gmaj7  D/F#  Fmaj7  Em  (Riff 1) 

D                     G 
Proud of your boy 

              D/F#                  G 
I?ll make you proud of your boy 

Believe me, 

Bm          A 
Bad as I?ve been, Ma 

       G        D/F#           Em  A (barred) 
You?re in for a pleasant surprise 

            Bm    Bmmaj7 
I?ve wasted time 

            Bm    Bm/G# 
I?ve wasted me 

So say I?m slow for my age 

A late bloomer 

 E7      C     A7 
Okay, I agree 

               D/F#            G 
That I?ve been one rotten kid 

Some son 

     D/F#                G 
Some pride and some joy 

    A        D/F#       Dmaj7/F# 
But I?ll get over this lousin? up 

G           Dmaj7/F#  ** E7 
Messin? up, screwin? up time 

       G                       D/F# 
?Cause now is the better part 

Some?s gonna make good 

Cross his stupid heart 

              E7 *     D/F#     G 
Make good and finally make you 

A (barred)     D *   Dsus2 
Proud of your boy 

G            Asus4       G 
Tell me that I?ve been a louse 

And a loafer 

    G           Asus4 
You won?t get a fight here 

No ma?am 

Fsus4     G/F           Fsus4 
Say I?m a gold brick, a goof off  

No good 

         Fsus4       G/F        C 
But that couldn?t be all that I am 

Am                    Dsus4 
Water flows under the bridge 

       D *          G * 
Let it pass, let it go 

There?s no good reason 
    E7 * 
Why you should believe me 

    Bmadd11/E(no5)     Csus4 
Not yet,             I know but 

D *                Asus4/G 
Someday, and soon 

I?ll make you 

D/F#              G 
Proud of your boy 

       A       D/F#        Dmaj7/F# 
Though I can?t make myself taller 

G              D/F#        E7 
Or smarter, or handsome or wise 

I?ll do my best 

What more can I do? 

Since I wasn?t born 

G                   E7 * 
Perfect like Dad or you 

            Em7    F#m7 
Mom, I will try to 

            Gmaj7    A 
Try hard to make you 

              (Riff 2) 
Proud of your boy 

Dsus2 D * 

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Riff 1: e|-----------------|------------------| B|---2---3---5---7-|---8---12---10----| G|-----------------|------------------| D|---2---4---5---7-|---9---12---11----| A|-0---0---0---0---|-0---0----0-------| E|-----------------|------------------| Riff 2: e|---------------|-------0-------0-| B|-------3-----3-|-----2-------2---| G|---0h2---0h2---|-0h2-----0h2-----| D|---------------|-----------------| A|---------------|-----------------| E|-3-------------|-----------------|

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