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The Mission Chords

Darrel Mansfield

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by Sandro+IEQSJC

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The Mission

  		C                                 Bb C 
His name is destruction 
                                     C       Bb C 
Surrounded by a cast of fools 
         C                            Bb  C 
You may try and beat him 
                                         C      Bb   C 
But in the end you're gonna lose 
He's the father of all lies 

He doesn't play by any rules 
And his whole life's mission 
G                           C      Bb   C 
   Is givin' you the blues 

             C                      Bb  C 
He's the god of this world 
                                      C     Bb  C 
He really thinks he is the boss 
          C                                  Bb  C 
Some people even worship him 
                                     C     Bb  C 
He was defeated at the cross 
He is the great deceiver 

He'll make you play your dues 
'Cause his whole life's mission 
G                         C     Bb   C 
  Is givin' you the blues 

He was there at the death camps 
                                            C     Bb    C 
A friend of Hitler in World War II 
Now his death camps are 

Abortion clinics 
He's killin' me, he's killin' you 

(entra solo sobre a mesma base) 

               C                          Bb   C 
Don't you wanna be a soldier 
                         C      Bb    C 
A soldier of the cross 
                      C                    Bb    C 
And with the Sword of the Spirit 
                                 C     Bb    C 
Which is the Word of God 

You can break those chains 

Of satan and stop playin' the fool 
And make your whole life's mission 
G                       C     Bb     C 
   Givin' him the blues 

(entra novo solo e repete últimos dois versos) 


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