Love You Dont Scare Me Anymore


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Love You Dont Scare Me Anymore


Verse 1 
         A5	              A5 
Do you remember when. Do you remember when. 
            F#5		     D5			   C#5 
There was a time my shaky hands would hold me back 
              A5                     A5 
But somehow eventually I did find a remedy 
       F#5           D5                    E 
It was there all the time I just couldn?t see 

C#5 D5 No more will I freeze in your presence C#5 D5 C#5 D5 E I try to teach you a lesson. No, I won?t fear your chemistry C#5 D5 A5 F#5 So bring on your darkest forces Bring on your strongest horses B5 E A5 Love you don?t scare me anymore.
Verse 2 A5 A5 She gave me medicine and took out the safety pin F#5 D5 C#5 I drank it and I poured it on my skin A5 A5 She took off the clothes she wore and fell on the burning floor F#5 D5 E She holds my shaky hands forevermore Chorus

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