Winters Ballad


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Winters Ballad

Written by Cuco

Gbmaj7 Gbdim7 Fm7 Bb 
Ebm7 Ebdim7 Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7 

Verse: 1 
Gbmaj7          Gbdim7 
Due   to my frustration 
  Fm7                          Bb 
I waited way too long to say a thing 
        Ebm7                       Ebdim7 
Sure I accept that I was sad, so I guess now it's not so bad 
Dbmaj7                             Dbmaj7 
I lost the memories deep inside my head 

Verse: 2 
Gbmaj7                        Gbdim7 
Show me that tonight I'm only yours and no one else's 
             Fm7                           Bb 
Too blind to see sometimes that you're the one 
      Ebm7                          Ebdim7 
Now I see you're everything or just maybe my nothing 
     Dbmaj7                  Dbmaj7 
They say that nothing lasts forever 

Verse: 3 
   Gbmaj7                            Gbdim7 
My bed was meant for two and now I'm missing only you 
   Fm7                               Bb 
Or was this spot reserved for no one more 
   Ebm7                          Ebdim7 
My lonely days are here, I don't think I see you here 
  Dbmaj7                         Dbmaj7 
I wish that I could sleep until forever 

Verse: 4 
  Gbmaj7                          Gbdim7 
I don't think it's hard, just to tell me that you love me 
           Fm7                            Bb 
But you're far away from here and have my heart 
   Ebm7                               Ebdim7 
So shoot me with the bow that cupid's quiver has one more 
    Dbmaj7                           Dbmaj7 
The last time I might get to fall in love 

Gbmaj7 Gbdim7 Fm7 Bb 
Ebm7 Ebdim7 Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7 

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