Crystal Lewis

People Get Ready

Crystal Lewis

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People Get Ready

A        C#m 
Lord I?m ready now 
Bm7                  E            A 
I?m waiting for Your triumphant return 
C#m            Bm7   E 
You?re coming so soon 
A              C#m 
This world has nothing for me 
Bm7                 E             A  C#m       Bm7  E 
I find my peace and joy solely in You, only in You 
A          C#m               Bm7              E              A C#m Bm7 E 
I want the world to see that You?re alive and living well in me 
A      C#m       Bm7            E                A 
Let me be a part of the harvest for the days are few 
C#m         Bm7  E 
He?s coming soon 

A F#m People get ready, Jesus is coming E D Soon we?ll be going home A F#m People get ready, Jesus is coming E D D/C D/B D/C To take from the world His own
Verse 2: There will be a day when we will be divided right in left For those who know Him And those who do not know Those who know Him well will meet Him in the air Hallelujah God is with us Those who do not know They will hear ?Depart, I knew you not? For my friends to see There will be a day when we?ll be counted So know Him well Know Him well
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Finger-picked acoustic part played after 2nd Chorus and at the end of the song: (Note: when it?s played at the outro, the bass plays only D throughout it) e--------2-----3p2-----2-------------2-----3p2-----2-------- B------3-----3-----3-----3---------3-----3-----3-----3------ G----5-----5---------5-----5-----5-----5---------5-----5---- D--0-------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- ---D D/C e-------2-----3p2-----2-------------0-----2p0-----0--------- B-----3-----3-----3-----3---------3-----3-----3-----3------- G---4-----4---------4-----4-----5-----5---------5-----5----- D----------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------------------

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