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Bad Moon Rising Chords

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Bad Moon Rising

D       A   G    D          (D Bm)  
I see a bad moon a rising,  

D     A       G      D    (D Bm)  
I see trouble on the way.  
D     A     G         D          (D Bm)  
I see earthquakes and lightning,  

D     A   G     D       (D Bm)  
I see bad times today.  

G Don't go around tonight. D D Well, it's bound to take your life. A G D (D Bm) There is a bad moon on the rise.
D A G D I hear hurricanes a-blowing, D A G D I know the end is coming soon. D A G D I fear rivers overflowing, D A G D I hear the voice of rage and ruin. (Chorus) (Guitar solo) D A G D Hope you got your things together, D A G D Hope you are quite prepared to die. D A G D Looks like we're in for nasty weather. D A G D One eye is taken for an eye. (Chorus)

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