Corb Lund Band

Pour Em Kinda Strong

Corb Lund Band

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Pour Em Kinda Strong


Intro:  Strum D and F 

                          F          D 
Bartender, I know youre a reasonable man 

                       F           D 
Looks like you got the run of this place 

                          F              D 
Set me up a round so that I can see your hands 

                       F                 D 
And wipe the goddamned smile off of your face 

Im sure you must have heard of me, Im lightning with my Smith 

                  F                     D 
And my reputation burns all through the west 

                                          F              D 
So if you know what is good for you, shut up and get the whiskey 

                                 F               D 
And not that trade stuff, I want nothin but your best 

D G D And pour em kinda strong cause I wont be here long F#m G A D You best not do me wrong, just pour em kinda strong D F D I aint got time to savour em, I gotta drink em quick D F D Ive conveyed my urgency, I hope D F D If they catch me its all over, Ill be way on up the creek D F D And Ill be swingin on the wrong end of a rope G The posses been behind me now for six or seven days D F D Only two hours back and chewin on my dust D F D I got a powerful thirst I come in here to try to slake D F D So serve it up or draw down if you must
Repeat Chorus
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Instrumental Break: e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---10p7----7-----7----------------------------10p7-------7------10---7---| D|---------------------10p7-----7------10p7-------------------7------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------0-----0------------0-----0-------------------0-------------------| e|-----------------------------------------------0-------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------3-------------------------| G|---10p7----7-----7-------------------6---------2-------------------------| D|---------------------10p7-----7----------------0-------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------0-----0------------0---------------------------------------------|
Or something like that. Play with it. F D Well I wasn?t really watchin you, my eyes was on the door D F Imagine my surprise to hear the cock D F D Of that .32 that left me here to bleed out on your floor D F D Im too far gone to bother with the doc G Well I wasnt really watchin you, my eyes was to the east F D You know, to dull the pain I could use one more D F D You surely wont deny a man a dyin drink at least D F D Im awful embarrassed at how I spoke to you before D G D So pour em kinda strong cause I won?t be here long F#m G A D Mister, please dont do me wrong, just pour em kinda strong F D You surely wont deny a dyin man a drink at least F D Im awful embarrassed at how I spoke to you before Outro: Same as Instrumental break

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chords Corb Lund Band - Pour Em Kinda Strong
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