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Blue Eyes Cryin In Rain Chords

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Blue Eyes Cryin In Rain

	  This is Conway Twitty's Version of  Willie Nelson's Classic. 
I never get tired of playing this one. Gary Springman? 
Blue Eyes Crying In The  Rain 
(A)In the (D)twilight glow, I  (A)see  her 
(E)Blue eyes cryin' in the  (A)rain, 
When we (D)kissed goodbye and  (A)parted, 
I (E)knew we'd never meet  a(A)gain, 
(D)Love is like a dying  ember, 
(A)Only memories  re(E)main, 
(A)And through the  (D)ages I'll  re(A)member, 
(E)Blue eyes cryin' in the  (A)rain, 
Now my (D)hair has turned to  (A)silver, 
(E)All my life I ve loved in  (A)vain, 
(A)I can (D)see her star in  (A)heaven, 
(E)Blue eyes cryin  in the  (A)rain, 
(D)Someday when we meet up  yonder, 
(A)We'll stroll hand in hand  a(E)gain. 
(A)And in a (D)land that knows no  (A)parting, 
(E)Blue eyes crying in the  (A)rain, 
(E)Blue eyes crying in the  (A)rain. 


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