Confederate Railroad

Queen Of Memphis

Confederate Railroad

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Queen Of Memphis

Intro....    C    G    D    G 
verse   G 
        I hitchhiked up to memphis, a young boy in my prime 
          C                                               G 
        I thought that big old city would ease my Georgia mind 
        After just one hour, I met a Southern girl 
        She said they call me the Queen of Memphis 
                     D                  G 
        And then she took me around the world 
chorus        D      C              G 
        I saw stars dancing on the water 
                Em     D                 C 
        I heard Elvis singing Blue Suede Shoes 
                  D     C            G       C 
        That old muddy river was my witness 
             G               D                      G        C  G  D  G 
        The night I fell in love with the queen of Memphis 
break .... 
verse...I woke up the next morning a prisoner of her charms 
        She show'd me things I'd never seen back there on that farm 
        She set my soul on fire, she completed all my dreams 
        A boy became a man that night in the arms of the Memphis Queen 
              Em                                G 
        Just like that old man river she keeps rolling thru my mind 
                Em                             C                 D 
        And you know I won't forget her 'cause she was one of a kind 
                  C       D                      G         C  G  D  G 
        And I am still in love with the Queen of Memphis 
[email protected] (Daniel Nicholas) 


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