Rainy Day




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Rainy Day

	  		Tuning 1\2 step down !!!! 

Start when percussions come in 

E   A  x8 

Verse 1: 
Then there was rain 
           A                            E 
The sky wore a veil of gold and green  
       A                                            E 
At night it was the bright of the moon with me  
  A                           E                         A 
Time is just floating 

Verse 2:  
Then there was rain  
         A                                   E 
The sound foundations are crumbling  
                          A                                E 
Through the ground comes a bit of a-tumbling  
         A                                  E    
And time was just floating away  
We can watch it and stay  

And we can listen  

Pre Chorus: Palm mute  E  A x2 

D             A                 E 
Oh rainy day, come 'round  
D                            A                         E 
  Sometimes i just want it to slow it down  
D                     A          E 
 And we're separated now, i'm down  
               D                                              A 
But i love it when you come over to the house  
I love it when you come to my house  

Repeat Intro (just 4x) 

Repeat Verse 1 & 2 

Repeat Chorus x3 

End on E 

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