Big Dismal

Rainy Day

Big Dismal

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Rainy Day

Capo on 3rd fret
	  		Album: The Passion of the Christ 

Tabbed By: mfarrell 

(the fingerpicking part is all based off of a D chord)  


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Verse E---------2-------3---------------------3-------3-------3-------3-------3----- A-----------0-------0-----0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0--- D--0------------------------0-------0----------------------------------------- G----2------------------------------------------------------------------------ B------3-------3-------3-------3------3-----3-------3-------3-------3-------3- e-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
just play that over and over until it gets to the part that goes"...on a rainy day,won't ya come and save the world..." at that part it goes: Bm----A-----Bm-----A--------G(keep hitting until the chorus) Chorus: D G Bm A G D G Bm A G F#7/5+ Em Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus Bridge: D(hold for a while) Em A G Bm A G(theres many really quick chord changes here I wont even attemp to tab) Chorus: D G Bm A G D G Bm A G F#7/5+ Em F#7/5+ Em Outro: Just repeat verse 4x and end on the 300030 as a chord to end chords: D-xx0232 Bm-x24432 A-x02220 G-320033 F#7+5-20023x Em-022100 Always open for comments!!!

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