Coco Montoya

Am I Losing You

Coco Montoya

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Am I Losing You

	  		Intro: Dm Bb C Dm       (Dm  means play Fm on 10th fret)  

    Dm                           Bb  
1.  I heard you talking in your sleep.   
    C                          Dm  F-Am  
    Calling out another man's name.  
    Dm                     Bb  
    My suspicion's killing me.  
    C                             Dm    
    Are you playing the cheating game?  
    Dm                          Bb  
    Once a week out with your friends.  
    C                        Dm  F-Am  
    Well, it's turning into three.  
    Dm                                  Bb  
    Can't help but wonder where you've been.  
    C                   Dm  
    It's all become a mystery.  

      F        Am           Bb         F        Am  
      I wanna know where I stand. Am I in, am I out,  
      of your plan.  
      F        Am          Bb     
      I wanna know what to do.   
   Bb-Am     Gm        F       Gm       F      Dm  
      Am I losing you? Am I losing you? Am I losing you?  

    Dm                             Bb  
2.  I found the note you meant to hide.  
    C                          Dm  
    Message said let's meet at nite.  
    Dm                            Bb     
    Phone keeps ringin', tell me why-y.  
    C                            Dm                           
    It's the wrong number every time.  


       Bb                                    Bb  
      Come home in the middle of the night. When you  
      know that it just ain't right. What's goin on?  
       Bb                         Bb  
      You've got me so confused, baby got me singin'  
      the blues, all night long. Yea-a-a!  


             Dm Bb C F  F-Am  Dm Bb C Dm  


             Dm             Bb            C  
3.  I wanna know. I can't stand it baby. Tell me,  
           Dm                Dm               Bb    
    am I losing you?  Am I losing you?  Am I losing you-oo-oo?  
             C           Dm  
    I wanna know, am I losing you?  

            Outro: Dm Bb C Dm (10X)  


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