Clem Snide

Denise Chords

Clem Snide

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jessgomes

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Intro: D Dsus2 

D       E                 D          E  
Denise, promise me you'll come around 
    D        E         D     E  
For you, you decide to spread 
     D      E                     D              E 
Your wings, spread your wings and leave this town 
D               E                    D 
Denise, there's something you should know 

I hid the bottle in the woods 
Gm                                     D 
To mark the spot where I first realized 

D   E 

That what we have is more than good 
Gm                                       D 
And seems to shine a light behind my eyes 

D   E 

D       E               D             E 
Denise, if only just to hear the sound 
   D   E               D    E  
Of you breathing in my ear 
  D         E            D               E 
I swear I'd let them put me in the ground 
D         E               D     
Denise, I will not be ignored 

I hid the bongs behind the shed 
Gm                                  D 
To mark the spot where I first saw clear 

D   E 

Where what we have will never die 
Gm                           D   E 
And everybody else can disappear 

Outro: D  E 

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