Ave Maria Chords


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by zecabral

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Ave Maria

  		E   F#m     B   E 
A - ve  Ma-ri-i-a 
C#m           F#7                
Gra-a-tia ple-e-na 
B7                 E 
Do-o-mi-nus te-e-cum 
C#m          F#          B 
      Bdim    F#m 
i in mu-li-e-e-ri-bus 
Am         E 
Et be-e-ne-dic-tus 
A                      F#m          
Fru-u-u-u-tus ve-e-en-tris 
B         E 
Tu-i Jesus 
E7             A 
San-ta Ma-ri-a 
Edim       Em 
San-ta Ma-ri-a 
B7            E 
O-ra pro-no-o-bis 
F#m               B7 
No-bis pec-ca-to-ri-bus 
Edim       E      
Nunc et in ho-o-o-ora 
    F#m      B 
In ho-o-ra mo-or-tis 
                    E7  A 
Nos-tra-e     a-mem 
B     E 
A    mem. 


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