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Mover Of Mountains

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Mover Of Mountains

Intro: C Csus4     


           C           C     
Lay it all down 
       Am           F       
Lay it at his feet  now 
               C             C     
His blood for ours 
                     Am       F 
So faith could lay claim to  doubt 


G       Am               F        C       
Oh,  faith rises up as we stand and belive 
G       Am                    F        G   
Oh,  every restraint will be cast out to sea 

Am F C C Mover of mountains, robber of graves Am F C C* Triumphant king we praise your name Am F C C Healer of sickness, giver of life Am F C Your name is jesus, jesus christ C Am F Woah, woah, woah
Bridge F F There's no height, nor depth Am G No river your love wonldn't swim F F There's no curse, no hurt C G G* That can separate our hearts from him

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