Citipointe Live

Higher Wider Deeper

Citipointe Live

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Higher Wider Deeper


E                                                C#m 
How beautiful this love, You would lay down Your crown  
   B                                                E  
Surrender Your throne in heaven, so that I could be found  
E                                           C#m  
How awesome is this love that conquered the grave  
B                                                 E 
Love that can move the mountains, yet knows me by name  

A        B         C#m  
  It?s unbreakable,    it?s undeniable  
F#m            A              B  
  Nothing will ever, separate us  

  Your love is higher than the skies up above  
  Your love is wider than what I can dream of  
B                                           A  
  Your love is deeper, it?s the greatest of all 

  B      C#m A  
Holy are You Father  
  B        C#m A  
A love like no other  
   B         C#m A  
So vast like the universe  
Is Your love, is Your love 

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