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Citipointe Live

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Intro: Gm7 Bb2 Eb2 

Verse 1:
Gm7       Bb2      Eb2 
Sanctified by Your grace 
                Gm7              Bb2               Eb2 
Was once wounded but now You've removed all stains 
Gm7              B2               Eb2             Gm7     Bb2   Eb2 
Cleansing me with tender mercy I will abide in You 

Verse 2:
There is no one that is like You 
Pure is this love You've bestowed upon us 
It is a privilege to worship You almighty God 

Pre-Chorus 1:
Cm7        Bb/D       Eb2     Gm7        F                      Eb2 
All of the earth is Yours, You're our delight You are Lord of all 

Pre-Chorus 2:
All of the earth is Yours, You're Alpha and Omega 
All of the earth is Yours, You're our delight You are Lord of all 

Bb Eb2 Gm7 F Eb2 You have the Dominion over all the earth Gm7 F/A Bb/D Eb F E (Gm7 Turnaround) And with all that's within me, I will bless You Lord
Bridge: Eb F Gm7 (3x) You have rescued me You have rescue me You took a wretch like this Bb F You loved me, saved me

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