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Breathe On Me

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by  FER_G12_89

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Breathe On Me

Intro: C#m  A  C#m  A 

Verse 1:
Words can not explain the power 
That rise within your touch 
Light that shines so bright and brings hope to 
A dark and broken world 

Verse 2:
See in me a longing for your 

Hand to comfort me 

Know it's by your holy blood that 

I have been set free 

     B           A 
So I ask you to show me 
      B              A 
The Father's heart again 

E B Breathe on me again C#m I want to know you A I want to see you face to face my Lord E B Breathe on me again C#m Jesus, embrace me A I'm desperate for you now
(ao início) Instrumental: E C#m C B A (2x)

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