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January Man Chords

Christy Moore

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by educastilho

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January Man

	  (intro) G Am G D

            Am                                  G
    The January man, he goes around
    in woolen coat and boots of leather.
             C                                             Am
    The February man still shakes the snow
                         F                               Am
    from off his clothes and blows his hand.
    The man of March he sees the Spring,
             C                                         G                G                        Am
    and wonders what the year will bring,     and hopes for better weather.

    Through April rain the man goes down
           G                                                      Am
     to watch the birds come in to share the summer.
    The man of May stands very still
          Am                         F                      Am
    to watch the children dance away the day.
    In June the man inside the man
          C                                        G                   G                         Am
    is young and wants to lend a hand,    and smiles at each new comer.

    Am                                      G
    In July the man in cotton shorts,
    he sits and thinks and being idle.
    The August men in thousands take
           Am                    F                           Am
    the road to find the sun and watch the sea.
    September man is standing near
         C                            G                  G                   Am
    to saddle up another year,       and Autumn is his bridle.

            Am                                            G
    The man of new October takes the rain,
    and early frost is on his shoulder.
              C                                                   Am
    The poor November man sees fire and mist
                            F                     Am
    and wind and rain and winter ere.
    December man looks through the snow
          C                               G                     G           Am
     to let eleven brothers know,       they're all a little older.

           Am                                      G
    The January man, he comes around again
    in coat and boots of leather.
    To take another turn and walk
     Am                  F                        Am
    along the icy road he knows so well.
    The January man is here,
            C                                   G           G                      D
    the start of each and every year,      along the road forever. 

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