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Unfailing Love Chords

Chris Tomlin

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by Nickel%5FD

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Unfailing Love

You have my heart  
                C     G/B  Am 
And I am Yours forever  
You are my strength  
               C       G/B Am 
God of grace and power  
PRE Chorus 
        G     C               G                 D  
And everything You hold in Your hand  
                         G          C 
Still You make time for me  
I can't understand  
G D/F# Praise You God of Earth and sky Em D C How beautiful is Your unfailing love D Unfailing love G D/F# And You never change God You remain Em D C The Holy One, My unfailing love D Unfailing love
VERSE 2 G You are my rock C G/B Am The one I hold on to G You are my song C G/B Am And I sing for You PRE Chorus Chorus PRE Chorus Chorus (X2)

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