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I Will Rise Chords

Chris Tomlin

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by waynekunde

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I Will Rise

	  I Will Rise: By Chris Tomlin 
Key: B  

INTRO: G#m7   F#   B   E   
VERSE 1:    
          G#m7               E   
There's a peace I've come to know    
          B                   F#    
though my heart and flesh may fail    
           G#m7          E   
There's an anchor for my soul    
      B           F#    
I can say: “It is well”  

B              F#    
Jesus, has overcome    
        G#m           E             
and the grave is overwhelmed    
    B/D#       F#/A# 
The victory is won    
      G#m            E   
He is risen from the dead    

           B            F#    
And I Will Rise when he calls my name    
G#m             E   
No more sorrow; no more pain    
       B        F#    
I Will Rise, on Eagle's wings    
  G#m7             E                B/D#   Esus2    
Before my God fall on my knees, and rise    
       E/G#  F#    
I Will Rise    

          G#m7               E   
There's a day that's drawing near    
         B                  F#    
when the darkness breaks to light    
        G#m7         E    
and the shadow's disappear    
       B                 F#   
and my faith shall be my eyes    



F#             E        B    F#   
And I hear the voice of many angels sing,    
E      B      F#    
Worthy is the Lamb!   And I hear the 
E      B     F#    
cry of every longing heart,     
E      B      F#    
Worthy is the Lamb    
(Repeat Bridge)    

E      B      F#    
Worthy is the Lamb    

INTERLUDE: B   F#   G#m7   E    


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