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Year: 1997 - Album: Short Term Memories

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E  A2  D2  C2 G  E  
              E             A2  
You thing I'd have it down by now  
         D2 C2      G         E     
Been practicin' for thirty years  
                 E               A2  
I should have walked a thousand miles  
     D2    C2      G     E  
So what am I still doin' here  
Reachin' out for that same old piece of forbidden fruit  
I slip and fall and I knock my halo loose  
A2                                               B2  
Somebody tell me what's a boy supposed to do?  

E Cause I get so clumsy B2 I get so foolish C#2 I get so stupid A2 And then I feel so useless E But you're sayin' You love me B2 And you're still gonna hold me C#2 And that You wanna be near me A 'Cause You're makin' me holy D2 C2 G E You're still makin' me holy, yeah
I'm ganna get it right this time I'll be strong and I'll make You proud I've prayed that prayer a thousand times But the rooster crows and my tears roll down (again) Then You remind me You made me from the dust And I can never, no never, be good enough And that You're not gonna let that come between us Chorus C2 From where I stand D2 E Your holiness is up so high I can never reach it C2 D2 My only hope is to fall on Jesus

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