Chris Cornell

Sweet Euphoria

Chris Cornell

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Sweet Euphoria


Intro: E 

	A G F 
Sweet euphoria  
C	    Dm	      E 
mine is the heart you own 
	 A		E	 A	       F 
Lost the grace of the hands that harmed you 
       A	    E        F#m 
In the daze of the thousand yawns 
F	     C         Dm       Am   D	     E 
     Lost my love as it is i'm truly gone 

 	A       G       F	 
In your morning i will sleep 
C           Dm   E 
Fire on an open palm 
	   A	     E        A	       F 
Death for jesus and plastic armies 
	 A          E             F#m 
Wouldn't bring me back again 
F	      C      Dm       Am      D		E 
     Sweet as ether eyes i'm blind to them 

C	     A      Dm        
And in your aching hour 
A7    	        D	 
Time wilts like flowers 
A7	    F#m 
Sleeping on land-mine pillows 
E	     F         A	   D       E 
Tired angels save my love for the lasting one 
         A G F 
Sweet euphoria 
C	    Dm	       E 
mine is the heart you stole 
	     A	           E             A 	     F 
Touched and broken are the things you love 
        A         E            F#m 
Using stars to light your candles 
F	        C     	    Dm    Am        D         E 
      Warms my face but i can't remember yours 

 C	      A     Dm    A7          D 
Gone are your dandelions falling like mine 
A7	     F#m		       E 
Falling like daydream mangoes diving swallows 
F            A     
Save my love  
F	    A 
   save my love 
F       A	     D       E 
Save my love for the lasting one  

          A G F	    A 
sweet euphoria 

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