China Crisis

Wishful Thinking

China Crisis

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Wishful Thinking

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INTRO e|---------------0-------0----------| B|---------2-3-3---2-3-3----------0-| G|-------2------------------0-2-2---| D| 0-4-4----------------------------| A|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------| e|--------------0-------0-3-2-2-0----| B|---------2-3-3---2-3-3-------------| G|-------2---------------------------| D|-0-4-4-----------------------------| A|-----------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|
D G A Its time we should talk about it G D theres no secret kept in here
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BRIDGE e|-2-2---------------0-------------| B|-----3-3---3-3-------------------| G|---------0-----0-0----TWICE------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------|
D forgive me for asking G A now wipe away your tears BRIDGE F G and if i wish to stop it all F G and if i wish to comfort the fall G its just wishful thinking INTRO D G A i sat on the roof and watched the day go by G D i see the likeness in his smile G A and the way he stands G D makes it all worth while

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