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My Crush Chords

China Anne McClain

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by ubirbomfim

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My Crush

Capo 1

F        C 
Na na na na na na na 
Dm        Bb 
Na na na na na na na 
F            C                 Dm 
His name is written above my heart 
Like he fell from the stars 
F                   C           Dm 
And when he says hello I can't deny 
That I want him to be mine 

He's the sweetest kind of guy 
The sweetest kind of guy 
The more I get to know him 
Well the more I cannot hide 
F                 C                Dm 
That he's on my mind every single day ay 
Hope he never goes away 

F C My crush has got to be the real thing Dm Bb I love how good that I've been feeling F C I'm dreaming head over heels Dm Bb Over my crush, my crush, my crush F C Na na na na na na na Dm Bb Na na na na na na na
F C Dm Oh he knows me better than I know myself Bb With every word he says I melt F C Dm I've been looking for someone to share my everything Bb And I finally found my dream F I can't wait to see his face C Wait to see his face Dm When he looks at me like that Bb Oh I feel like I can faint F C Dm I've got butterflies and they're flying all over the place Bb Hope I always feel this way Chorus (2x) F C When I see him I go crazy Dm Bb Can't control emotions lately F C When our eyes meet, my heart's flying Dm Bb Up above the clouds I'm gliding F C All I know is I'm so happy Dm Bb Out of everyone he gets me Chorus (3x)

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