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The City Chords

Children 18:3

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by joaoewerton

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The City

A             D 
We are the city 
           A                       D 
Where the lights come on and they never go out 
          A                               D 
And the streets are filled with the children's shouts 
  A                 D                  E 
I want to hear you sing that song for me 
  A                D 
I want to capture one at a time 
         A                                D          E 
All the little brown flecks that made my eyes go blind 
         A                                     D 
All the wide eyed splendor that I put in a frame 
          A                                D            E 
I want to tear it down and let it throw perspective insane 
           A                         D 
There's a light up in a box at the top of a post 
         A                                  D            E 
Giving direction to the shadows that could use it the most 
A                           D 
Turn aside pilgrim at the sound of her voice! 
       G                   A 
It's wisdom herself that offers the choice 

F# D F# Oh, come to the city D F# E We're taking over the world
A My momma said 'Son, you're a little man 'Listen to me and understand A 'Soon we're gonna take that car 'And drive away where ever we are' All palm muted A Let's go We'll catch a ride to the city A Let's go where the streets are wide A Let's go We'll catch a ride to the city A Let's go

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