Cheryl Wheeler

Lighting Up The Mighty Mississippi

Cheryl Wheeler

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Lighting Up The Mighty Mississippi

Capo on 3rd fret

rd Fret 

Intro: C  G  F  C  G 

           C               G 
Big yellow moon, dark blue sky 
F               G      F     G 
Lighting up the mighty Mississippi 
           C               G 
I'm headed home, I can't decide 
      F                 G       F        G 
If my heart is just too full or just too empty 

            F            C                       G 
Through the thousands of miles of the rivers and hills 
        F             C               G      F 
And the highways I've come to know so well 
         C                         G 
I always knew I could fall back on you 
       C               F             G 
Now it wouldn't matter which way I fell 

                         C                       G 
Still, it's nice to keep moving, down the dotted line 
         F                 G     F        G 
Past the tractors in their amber waves of grain 
                  C                   G 
If I keep my eyes open, take a little time 
Dm                F                 G 
No two towns will ever look the same 

    F                Em     G 
And sometimes on the AM radio 
  F            Em          G 
I get a little local Polka show 
    F                  C            G 
And folks are friendly everywhere I go 

Instrumental: C  Em  G  F   C  G   

C                         F 
Drank too much in Dayton, paid the whole next day 
    C                           Em              G 
The snow in South Dakota was so dry it blew away 
             C                             F 
And it's not like someone's waiting when I get home anyway 
                         C                 G 
So, I leave for Portland pretty soon, then down through Monterey 
          C                G              F                Dm 
But right now this big old yellow moon is filling up the sky 
                    F            G 
And lighting up the mighty Mississippi 

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