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Big city blues Chords

Charlie Robison

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by DSauce

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Big city blues

Year: 2004 - Album: Good Times

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Big City Blues (written by Keith Gattis) Performed by Charlie Robison Album: Good Times Lick: phrase ending, most lines: e|----------------| B|----------------| G|---------0------| D|-------0---2----| A|---0h2----------| E|----------------|
Intro: Em Verse 1 Em D Em Skinny dippin? in the Pedernales River Em D Em Country girl sure could make me shiver Em D Em Right now that?s just what I could use Em D Em To wash away these big city blues Verse 2 (Same chord progression as Verse 1) Hollywood stars beneath my feet Everywhere I look I see concrete I could use a little Southern rain Blanco County calls my name
Em D Em Goddamn these big city blues Em D Em I got them big city blues Em G G D Em Someone done went and stole my favorite pair of boots Em D Em Goddamn these big city blues
Verse 3 Em D A Daddy was a no count bull ridin? son of a bitch G D D Em That?s what my momma said Em D Em She cursed the day they ever met Em D G D Em She?s the cutest small-town thing that he?d seen in the world Em D Em ?cept daddy loved big city girls Chorus Repeat Verse 1 comments/corrections welcomed

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